The Den’s New Radio Jingle

We have a catchy new, toe-tapping tune to air on the radio! We spent a day in the recording studio, seeing the magic unfold for our first ever radio jingle. We think it’s really catchy and hope you do too! John Cox of “John Jacob Jinglehiemer Hitz” composed the jingle and performed the upright bass and the vocals. Dean Jones of “No Parking Studio” was the sound engineer and performed the drums and the piano. Click the picture below to hear the radio ad, read below the break for the full story, photos and clips. The Den Radio Jingle play crop     Before we arrived, Dean set down the piano track and then he set down the drum track, each timed for 1 minute. IMG_2729 Then John did the vocals – he’d sing the jingle and read the copy together in one take, using the early tracks on the headphones for his timing and pacing. Pretty amazing that his voice held up all day. Here is the live footage of take #6 of 14 total: John sings jingle for the Den Notice anything special about that microphone? Turns out this mic was used in Simon and Garfunkel’s Live Concert in Central Park – cool! In the background of this photo, below the record on the wall, is some foam core that was used to protect the Grammy that Dean won several years ago – he uses the foam for acoustics, but if you look closely you can recognize the little horn shape cut out from the iconic Grammy statue. Dean used protools to cut and paste the best parts of each take and did his audio mixing by the time I brought back our take-out burgers from Market Market. Final steps – adding the upright bass and audio sweetening. Many thanks to John and Dean! It is kind of a dream for us to have a radio jingle. We hope to hear you all humming it when you … come on down to the Den of Marbletown.