Historic Water Pump

The Den has three main parts:

1) A “Teddy Bear Museum” featuring Steiff teddy bears and animals
2) A Steiff gift shop
3) A Coffee and Goodie Shop (opening in Oct 2017)

Housed in an 1860 farmhouse in the Hudson Valley of New York State, our goal is to create a memorable and inspiring regional experience for all of our visitors.


The Den also features:

• a “Kid Cub Cave” for young ones to climb and play, next to the …
• “Mama Bear Lounge” where parents can relax sit and relax while the kids play with a closet full of nostalgic toys
• a pond and creek on the property
• space for birthday parties
• wi-fi meeting/work spaces for adults
• secret doors and passageways
• old fashioned spaces for wonderment


Who We Are

This family-run business.

Steve has always been been drawn to the world of hospitality with his culinary training and restaurant experience (in NYC and Santa Fe). He has also worked in television and in news as a producer of live events (where he met Nan) and thrived on finding the calm within the chaos.

Nan is a documentary filmmaker and ethnographic researcher and always enjoys meeting new people through her research projects and travels. “I think the world is a better place when strangers can come together and talk meaningfully to each other for a time.”

Gabriella likes technology, theater/improv, the cartoon network and cats.