Current Exhibition



Selected Steiff Favorites

“Mungo” the Monkey, the Paper Teddy Bear, the “Steiff Circus Bear,”  “Jocko” the Chimpaneze, and “Teddy Baby” are some of the iconic Steiff creations now on view. This exhibition is informative to those who are new to Steiff, including details on the Steiff “Button in Ear” trademark, and includes plenty of favorites for long-time collectors.



Permanent Collection

The upstairs Gallery features a rotation of themed Steiff displays.



The Mama Bear Lounge and the Kids’ Cub Cave

Relax in a Steiff nature setting and enjoy a coffee, cookie, or some bubble tea while your children play in the next room in the “Kids’ Cub Cave” where they can climb, crawl, or hide out in a little cave. Bring your computers if you want to take a tech break – we have space to recharge in both lounges.